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Aetna trading Corp. is proud to be the leading distributor and supplier of raw material for the Personal Care, Nutritional and Supplement industries.

We achieve this by providing competitively sourced, high-quality ingredients, technical support and devoted customer service. 

We value the well-earned strong relationships with our clients and gained reputation, as most trusted, ethical and respected company.

We strive to demonstrate our commitment to our clients through our actions by developing fair and effective approach to accommodate their needs.

Our commitment to sustainable sourcing helps create thriving communities within our suppliers and partners. At the same time, it supports our business performance and increases client’s confidence in our business practices.

We are passionate about being your reliable partner to your success.

Farah Shabazi, President



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Aetna Trading Corp. is a distributor of ingredients for Personal Care, Nutrition and Food industries. The business is offering over 20 years of experience in ingredient sourcing and distribution
to our customers with global inventories, market expertise and leading market positions in Vitamins and many active ingredients.


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